Preferred Training Partners

Please note that this page is not sponsored in any way, and the opinions expressed here are solely based on our professional assessment of the training facility, their curriculum, and their trainers. Our goal is to provide unbiased and objective information to help you make an informed decision specific to your industry, your team, and your training needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of ASK's team members.

Tower Climber Safety and Rescue

Tower Safety - Phoenix, Arizona

Tower Safety is a leading provider of tower safety training and certification services, offering a wide range of courses that are designed to meet the needs of workers in the telecommunications and tower climbing industries. As one of our preferred training partners, Tower Safety has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in safety training and its ability to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of our telecommunication contractor customers. Tower Safety has developed a first class curriculum and their instructors always stay up-to-date with knowledge, products, and safety programs not only from the telecom world but from all industries that work at height. Their training courses cover all aspects of tower climbing and safety, from basic safety procedures to advanced techniques for working at height. Their instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and they use the latest training techniques and equipment to ensure that their students receive the best possible training.

Another reason why we have chosen Tower Safety is their focus on safety and compliance. Their training programs are designed to help workers stay safe on the job and comply with all applicable safety regulations and standards. They also offer customized training programs that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company, ensuring that our workers receive the training they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively. In addition to their training programs, Tower Safety also offers a range of other services, including tower inspections, safety audits, and consulting services. This makes them a valuable partner for our organization, as we can rely on them for a wide range of safety-related services. Overall, Tower Safety is an excellent training partner that we are proud to work with. Their commitment to safety and their expertise in tower safety training make them the ideal partner for any organization in the telecommunications and tower climbing industries.

Head on over to to check out their offering and their amazing, diverse facility, or call (602)-900-7668 to talk to Kathy about what Tower Safety can do for you. If you choose Tower Safety for your next class, you will also be supporting a woman owned company, of which there are unfortunately very few in this industry!

Rope Access (SPRAT and IRATA)

RIG (Rigging International Group) - Las Vegas, Nevada

Rigging International Group is a training facility and rope access services provider based out of Las Vegas, NV. Being in Las Vegas they are surrounded by complex rigging projects in the entertainment and construction industry, of which they are heavily involved. They also have a training center in Anchorage, but we have not been able to see nor train in that particular facility. Not only is RIG members of both IRATA and SPRAT, the company is filled with real world rope access technicians, so the training is not just compliant, but also stuffed with real world experience and application from well-rounded technicians that have been practicing for years in various industries. Nestled into a warehouse in northern Las Vegas, every possible scenario can be set up and practiced in this facility, and at a reasonable height, so there is a real sense of exposure for beginner technicians. RIG also offers a variety of other courses besides rope access, including confined space rescue, fall arrest, and self rescue, so their facility is ready to create unique and real world scenarios for your rope access training. Additionally their trainers have a deep knowledge and expertise of not just rope access in compliance with various IRATA or SPRAT standards, but with methods and standards of all industries, inlcuding fire rescue, construction, and of course entertainment rigging. If you're looking to get a level 1 certification for SPRAT or IRATA, or you're looking to level up an existing certification, learn from the best and call RIG at (702) 984-6313. Or visit their website at  to check out their calendar for upcoming training sessions!

Training Facilities

Phoenix Safety Training Center - Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix Safety Training Center is an educational-flex SAFE SPACE centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona. They provide a space for instructors to conduct professional training, seminars, and meetings. The entire facility is fully climate controlled (a must have for summers in the Southwest!). This is the only safety training facility in the Phoenix area that is open to all safety training professionals, including tower climbers, general construction, technical rescue teams, rope access, and more.

The facility includes the Roadrunner Classroom which has a 12-person capacity, 6 configuration tables and 11 seats. Their largest rental space is the Yosemite Workshop which has a 25-person capacity, 12 roll-away, nesting tables, 24 roll-away, nesting chairs, as well as an instructor’s desk and chair. The workshop also features a 16-foot telecommunication tower, 2 separate climbing structures, ladders and fall protection gear that are available for use, a high ceiling, and a roll up door. From rope access to confined space training, the space offers comprehensive facilities for a range of safety training needs. The cell tower and separate climbing facility with modified, stacked shipping containers are used for various safety and rescue training. The area is over 1500 square ft. The classroom is integrated into the practical training area to give students a more immersive experience. This indoor space is fully climate controlled, so it can be used for a plethora of Practical Trainings, such as:

- Parapet wall descent training
- Emergency window egress training
- Confined space entry and rescue training
- Rope access training
- Telecom Tower climbing and rescue training
- General industry fall protection training

Both spaces at the Phoenix Safety Training Center have:

- Whiteboard
- 82in. Flat Screen
- Access to a kitchen
- Complimentary snacks and refreshments
- Free Parking
- Close proximity to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, lodging and restaurants

If you or your company already have a trainer but are in need of a top notch training facility, be sure to check out Phoenix Safety Training Center's website at  or call them at 602-730-1131.