We take pride in being more than just a supplier, and strive to be partners to our clients. We offer value to your operation in so many more ways than just supplying material. Check out below how ASK works to save you money in the long run, not just on one order.

BOM Building

Are you short on estimators? Need help sorting through that stack of drawings? Send them over to us, and we'll do the leg work. Our team can analyze your project documents and help you build your bill of materials. Our strong suit is finding allowable substitutes for specified products to help you beat out the competition and win more bids!

Drawing and CAD Services

We have a qualified CAD and drafting technician in house if you need support building out a custom site. Some of our clients have so much faith in our services, that they have even reached out to us to healp them develop product and invention ideas.

Rope Cleaning

While some recent research has shown that rope cleaning does not always restore lost strength from a dirty rope, there are still many benefits to cleaning rope, mostly around protecting the gear in which it travels through. Dirty ropes can dramatically increase wear and tear on rope devices. At ASK, we offer rope cleaning services for all rope types and sizes. We always consult with manufacturers an their specifications to make sure any rope cleaning procedure is performed exactly to specification to ensure you equipment remains safe and reliable.

Rope Inspection

When working with 1200' ropes, (and sometimes even longer runs) manually inspecting a rope is an often overlooked safety procedure. While we recommend rope be inspected before every single use, we offer a detailed hand and eye inspection for your life safety or load/rigging ropes. This is usually done in tandem with our rope cleaning service, but is also offered as a standalone service. We inspect every inch of rope for fraying, belling, thinning, chemical wear, use wear, weathering, and any other damage that could potentially jeapordize a rope's strength and/or working life. We also offer training and support to our clients to make sure their crews are inspecting their ropes correctly and frequently.

Rope Splicing and Termination

While more common in the tree care industry, some crews prefer to work with pre-terminated ropes, whether it's sewn or spliced and with or without thimbles or other termination protectors. While the team at ASK is trained in hand splicing and rope terminations, we still work with manufacturers and other qualified partners to complete these services for us. We will communicate your exact termination needs: eye size, thimble material and any other custom requirements you may need with a qualified and certified splicer on your behalf.

Gear Cleaning, Inspection, and Maintenance

Just as it is important to keep your rope clean, it is equally important to keep all of your gear clean! Over the past year, lots of research has been performed around what can and cannot be used to clean and disinfect your gear based on its material and construction. We're up to date on all this gossip so you don't have to be. Give us a call if you need your gear cleaned, serviced, or maintained in any way. If we can;t performw aht's needed in house, we can reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf to coordinate repairs, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Break Testing

Most people are not intersted in break testing a new piece of equipment so many of these requests are for old pieces of gear. The idea is usually to understand how close an old piece of gear still is to its listed breaking strength. Some climbers in tree care use custom hitches or knots and also like to know how they behave under load (slipping, grabbing, failing).

Logistics and Warehousing

We use the most advanced Oracle based software on the market with a full suite of warehouse management tools that extend to our customers. We also have great discounts and negotiated rates with many logisitics partners to help with your project logistics needs.

Project Management

Are you in need of support with project management? We have a veteran team from a wide variety of industries that have managed hundreds of projects across the country.

Staging and Assembly

Working remotely? Lacking space? Give us a call to help out with your site staging and warehousing needs.

Trailer and Truck Parking

If you have a crew working remotely in an town where we're located, don't hesitate to give us a call. We might just have some extra space to keep your crew's gear and site material safe overnight.