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Zip Ties, 14", White, UL Listed, Plenum Rated, 50lbs

SKU: 11563 Zip Ties, 14", White, UL Listed, Plenum Rated, 50lbs
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Plenum Rated Cable Ties are constructed using high quality materials that can meet local fire codes. Plenum rated ties are designed to be installed into plenum air spaces, are self-extinguishing, and are extremely resistant to chemicals and abraison. 7 Inch Plenum Rated Cable Ties are designed to secure cable bundles, harness wiring components and keep them in place. Coming in a pack of 100, they have a self-locking head on one end and serrated teeth which function like straps on the other end. These two ends work by fitting inside each other in a self-locking mechanism. Our 14 Inch cables are used to hold any assortment of components. They work best under working temperatures of -40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. They are mostly applicable for indoor use and possess high tensile strength with low insertion force. They are shorter and thinner than others which makes them perfect for small spaces and light wire management. The consistent performance and reliability of our zip ties has gained customer loyalty throughout the world. The tie has standard to standard cross-section but has a curved tip at the end. This curved tip makes the ties easy to pick from flat surfaces and easier to thread in, thereby accelerating the speed of installation. These small advantages are what endears this cable tie to our customers and makes us the number on choice every time. These versatile cable ties can be used in countless applications, for just about any industry. They are abundant at nearly all summer festivals and events. By grouping cables together and holding them tight, they help organize wiring systems and ease the burden of work. They are widely popular in electrical installation works. Other fields of application include telecommunications for example holding networking cables in place, transportation for fastening luggage, and speaker wires. They also have many unique applications for example with fireworks, they are used to secure the fuses together before blastoff! They are also commonly used in many homes for example for harnessing Christmas lights and other home electronics. They are available in a wide variety of colors that can blend with any type of surrounding.

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