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Stackable Snap-In Hangers are the most popular form of cable support and attachment used in the telecommunication industry. Originally designed to attach coaxial cables to a tower, they are now used for all types of different cables, especially when used in conjunction with hanger inserts of barrel cushions. 

The sizes listed above are actually representative of nominal coaxial cable sizes, not necessarily actual cable sizes or not actually outer jacket cable diameters. For example a 7/8 in. stackable snap-in hanger will fit any cable size between 26.7 mm (1.051 in.) and 31 mm (1.22 in.). So the 1/2 in. - 1-5/8 in. nomenclature is simply a nominal size classification. 

Compatible Cable Sizes
1/2 in. Pt.# 11479 
- 13.7 mm - 16.3 mm (.539 in - .642 in)
7/8 in. Pt.# 11486 - 26.7 mm - 31 mm (1.051 in - 1.22 in)
1-1/4 in. Pt.# 11476 - 37.6 mm - 43.2 mm (1.48 in - 1.701 in)
1-5/8 in. Pt.# 11482 -  48.3 mm - 52 mm (1.902 in - 2.047 in)

The Stackable Snap-In Hangers can be used with universal barrel cushions to accommodate more fragile cables like hybrid cables, fiber cables, or even CAT cables. Depending on the requirements for your project, you may also attached the snap-in hanger directly to the cable. 

These stackable snap-in hangers are designed to be used on a traditional cable ladder with 3/4 in. holes with minor variations. The snap-ins will snap right into place on the cable ladder without the need for any additional mounting hardware. Additional stackable snap-ins can then be placed on top of already-installed stackable snap-in hangers to save space on crowded towers, reduce wind loads, and to simplify installations. Other components like angle adapters and "trap box" adapters, and stand-off adapters for pipe mounted applications will come with 3/4 in. holes so that the stackable snap-in hangers can attached directly to the back of whatever adapter you are using on your particular project. 

Made in the USA with the highest quality stainless steel, corrosion is of virtually no concern and these stackable snap-ins have been installed all across the world, from coastal to mountain-top conditions with virtually no signs of significant weathering.

With smooth, finished edges, the stackable snap-ins are easy and safe to install without any risk to cutting the installer or the jacket of the cable being installed. The innovative design also allows the installer to easily remove the snap-in if needed.

List of Equivalents
1/2 in. Pt.# 11479 
- Identical/Exact Equivalent to Commscope or Andrew SSH-12, Talley ANDSSH-12, RFS SNAP-ST-12, SitePro1 12SS-A, Rosenberger TH425-S12, Wanho SHS-12, Izzy SSH-12, Sabre C20100402. Call for additional details!

7/8 in. Pt.# 11486 - Identical/Exact Equivalent to Commscope or Andrew SSH-78, Talley ANDSSH-78, RFS SNAP-ST-78, SitePro1 78SS-A, Rosenberger TH426-S78, Wanho SHS-78, Izzy SSH-78, Sabre C20100404. Call for additional details!

1-1/4 in. Pt.# 11476 - Identical/Exact Equivalent to Commscope or Andrew SSH-114, Talley ANDSSH-114, RFS SNAP-ST-114, SitePro1 114SS-A, Rosenberger TH427-S114, Wanho SHS-114, Izzy SSH-114, Sabre C20100401. Call for additional details!

1-5/8 in. Pt.# 11482 - Identical/Exact Equivalent to Commscope or Andrew SSH-158, Talley ANDSSH-158, RFS SNAP-ST-158, SitePro1 158SS-A, Rosenberger TH428-S158, Wanho SHS-158, Izzy SSH-158, Sabre C20100403. Call for additional details!
Stackable Snap-In Hanger, All Sizes, Sold in Bags of 10 pieces

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